Your Moneyis in Good Hands

We are well aware that as an investment house, the single most important thing we can offer our clients is security.
Migdal Capital Markets endeavors to allow its clients to enjoy the security and confidence derived from its financial resilience, being part of the Migdal Holdings Group, the leading and largest insurance and finance group in Israel, possessing an Aa1 rating for financial resilience, from Midroog Credit Rating (a Moody’s subsidiary).

Investing on your Behalf Responsibly and Transparently

We are committed to our clients to act responsibly, fairly and with the utmost integrity in each and every aspect of our operations. We are committed to handle their funds while employing our very best judgment and in a manner befitting their needs, by implementing the most appropriate professional standards and conducting our business transparently, and bringing to bear stringent organization-wide supervision and control mechanisms.

Committed toProfessional Excellence

A meticulous asset selection process alongside a long-standing investment in a winning team of professionals, have resulted in the establishment of Migdal Capital Markets as a leading investment house. The manner in which investments are managed, by the most professional and highly experienced investment managers, while enjoying the support of both the Research Department and the Economic Department - all serve to ensure the optimal management of our clients’ capital.

Leadership in Financial Innovation and Creativity

We will continue to lead the Israeli capital market by constantly remaining up-to-date, by an in depth familiarity and understanding of both global and domestic markets, creative thinking and innovation. We will incessantly continue to develop innovative financial products, that are compatible with market conditions and on the perfection of a comprehensive offering of advanced services at the highest possible level.

We Believe inIntegrity and Social Responsibility

Ethical conduct is an inseparable part of our identity. We will do everything in our power in order to express the utmost importance that we attribute to fairness, human compassion and social responsibility - in all that concerns our employees, our clients and the community at large. We attach tremendous importance to volunteering and contributing to our community and we meticulously strive to implement this approach in a wide range of activities.

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