Being part of a company that is an Israeli market leader in general and a leader in the insurance and finance sector in particular, MCM strives to advance social conditions in Israel and to expedite significant social changes that will be integrated in our core business, as well as to promote the community involvement of our people.

“Beit Haamutot – Community” – management infrastructure for social organizations

As a company that is engaged in investment management, we recognize the importance of professional and financial management as the foundation for efficient, effective operations. Because we consider the NPO sector, or Third Sector, a significant factor in identifying social needs and providing a response to them, we believe in the importance of its empowerment.

The entrance floor of MCM’s office building on Saadia Gaon Street in Tel Aviv formerly served as a customer service call center. Since 2015, this space (570 m2) has been devoted to hosting the offices of social infrastructure and umbrella organizations for a token fee.

Beit Ha’amutot (Community) is a complex where social organizations – emphasis is placed on infrastructure organizations, which provide services to other NPOs – and umbrella organizations can “set up shop” on a permanent basis, save on operating costs, create collaborations and increase their effectiveness through working together or in synchronization.

Com.Unity’s goal is to create a shared space where social organizations can work, which, besides contributing to the organizations’ budget savings, will serve as a basis for the NPOs to get to know each other better and to build collaborations, and will create the opportunity for improved service to NPOs that avail themselves of the social infrastructure organizations.

Today, the following organizations are permanent residents of Beit Ha’amutot: ICLA – Israeli Civic Leadership Association, All Rights, Vehadarta, Life and Environment – the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs, Midot and NOVA Professional Volunteerism.

Beit Haamutot

Employee community involvement

MCM encourages its employees to play an active role in their communities and is proud of the dozens of employees who take part in this endeavor. We believe that volunteering is an enriching experience that contributes to both the company and the participating employees.

Volunteering at “Shiur Acher” (A Different Lesson), the high-school program for financial education and imparting smart shopping practices

Since 2013, MCM’s people have been volunteering through Shiur Acher, which runs an educational program for the benefit of underprivileged children, giving a 12-sesson course in financial education.

Shiur Acher was founded in 2002 and works to promote equal opportunity in education and to encourage meaningful civic involvement in the educational system, with the aim of creating a bridge between civilians in various professions and high-school children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In these weekly sessions, which are held at the children’s schools, students are exposed to knowledge and concepts from the world of finance, such as maintaining a personal and family budget, planning expenses versus income, smart shopping, the importance of long-term savings, rights and laws applying to youth employment, etc. The goal is to give the children better economic habits that will help them to be more financially responsible in their adult lives and to influence broader circles in their families and social environment.

Besides exposure to financial content, the program places emphasis on the personal encounter between the students and the volunteers from MCM. Each volunteer brings his own personal story and tells participants about his job, his professional training and career, and the failures and successes he experienced along the way. The encounter with the volunteers, combined with the contents of the lesson, create an empowering experience for students and volunteers alike.

We are proud to share some of the feedback we received from students:

“The course taught me that if I have a goal, nothing will stop me.”

“I would like to be like the volunteers in their capabilities, their desires and their knowledge.”

“I’d like to have a job like theirs.”

For the volunteers, the encounter with the students is a source of gratification and challenge. They are given the opportunity to meet people from a different background, to experience the enjoyment of teaching and the enrichment of others, and to be exposed to educational work.

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