Migdal Investment Portfolio Management

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management, a member of Migdal Capital Markets, is one of the leading Israeli companies in the management of investment portfolios. The company specializes in the management of investment portfolios for high net worth individuals, institutional clients, leading corporations, city councils, municipalities and public institutions – and offers them all the very best know-how and expertise accumulated by the group in the investment arena. Leveraging on our team of the very best investment managers, we enable our clients to enjoy a combination between long-term professional experience and readily-available, attentive personal service.

What Is a Managed Investment Portfolio and Who Is It Intended for?

Our Advantages

Leading Investment Managers and Analysts

The company possesses an independent Investment Department that operates using experienced and savvy investment managers, who are all leaders in their field. With the objective of obtaining the maximum value for our clients, we collaborate with the Research Department and with the other investment departments within the group.

Personal Investment in Every Client

Thousands of satisfied customers over several decades serve as an accomplishment that we attribute to our ability and expertise in collaborating with our clients, in creating the optimal investment portfolio based on the complete understanding of the customer needs and while providing readily available personal guidance, that is both professional and caring.

Financial Robustness

As a subsidiary of Migdal Capital Markets, which in turn is wholly-owned by Migdal Holdings, Migdal Investment Portfolio Management - and its clients - benefit from the size and economic stability of the largest insurance and finance group in Israel.

Committed to Professional Responsibility and Excellence

Those are the values we live by. We are committed to our clients to manage our clients’ investments in a professional, responsible and sensible manner, in the same way we manage all our other business activities.

Risk Diversification and Supervision

We meticulously adhere to managing the investment portfolio in a balanced and sensible manner, across a variety of risk levels, while constantly supervising the structure of the portfolio in real time and making the required changes.

Experts in Overseas Investments

The Overseas Desk of Migdal Investment Portfolio Management is considered to be a leader in its field and provides a comprehensive range of investment management services in leading overseas stock exchanges and markets, across all major currencies.

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