Established in 1965, Migdal Capital Markets, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Migdal Holdings Group, has in the five decades since its inception gained a leading position in Israel’s financial services market, earning a top-notch reputation in the domestic capital market for its professionalism and achievements.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise, MCM is active across a wide variety of spheres in the capital market, including investment portfolio management for private and corporate clients, mutual funds, investment banking, and alternative financial products. MCM’s diverse proficiencies provide clients with a wide range of investment options and services.

MCM currently manages assets valued at NIS 32 billion for thousands of clients in the private, business and public sectors.

Migdal Capital Markets (MCM) – 50 Years of Excellence

Investment Portfolio Management

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management specializes in managing investment portfolios on behalf of clients in Israel and abroad. Our portfolio managers are first-rate financial and investment experts who strive to handle our clients’ personal capital in complete alignment with their individual needs and characteristics, under the constant scrutiny of our professionals at all times.

Mutual Funds

Migdal Mutual Funds specializes in the management of a broad variety of mutual funds – around 190 in number – focusing on diverse channels and sectors in Israel and abroad. Migdal Mutual Funds is leader of the index tracker fund revolution with an offering of around 70 different such funds – the largest of its kind in the Israeli market.

Investment Banking

The Migdal Capital Markets Group is active in the investment banking sector through Migdal Investment Banking.
The company specializes in assuming a leadership role in the raising of capital and debt from both institutional and private investors, corporate consulting in merger and acquisition processes and in both private placements and public offerings, in leading stock markets around the world.

The company’s operations in Israel and worldwide are conducted vis-à-vis both privately-held and publicly-traded companies, private investment funds, hedge funds, institutional investment bodies, rating companies in Israel and worldwide, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

Alternative Financial Products

MCM manages a number of hedge funds that specialize in investment management in global capital markets through the use of quantitative models.

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