What Is a Managed Investment Portfolio?

A managed investment portfolio is an account that was created for investing in various types of securities and financial assets, including: Shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. The investment portfolio is managed within the client’s own bank account by the investment manager, who was granted a power of attorney from the client, to conduct transactions on its behalf. The investment portfolio manager possesses a portfolio management license from the Securities Authority and the power of attorney he possesses is limited exclusively to conducting purchase and sale transactions, within the client’s bank account

For Whom Is a Managed Investment Portfolio Intended?

A managed investment portfolio is intended for anyone possessing a liquid balance that is available for investment. Whether this concerns available funds that are intended for the purchase of an apartment in the future, for financing university education for your children, or for any other need, we recommend managing your money in a professional and responsible manner. A personal investment portfolio is your way to ensure that your savings are managed in a professional, skilled and experienced manner.

Building a Personalized Portfolio - Just for You

The construction of an investment portfolio begins with an introductory personal meeting with your account manager, during which a personal matching stage will take place to personalize the structure of the portfolio to the different needs and requirements of the client. To this end, the client characteristics are meticulously analyzed, along with the assets and objectives, the risk level, the investment horizon and the desired investment channels. The composition of the securities that will be invested in each of the portfolio’s investment channels is determined by a Central Investment Committee, subject to the client’s requirements and investment objectives.


The Funds Are Managed Transparently in Your Bank Account

The management of the investment portfolio is conducted in a fully transparent manner in the client’s own bank account, by using a power of attorney granted to the portfolio manager, for performing purchase and sale transactions of securities and other financial assets, within the client’s bank account.

Accompanying you, Listening to you, Sharing with you

Each and every client enjoys close personal guidance from one of our customer relations managers, who are all licensed portfolio managers. Your personal manager will accompany the management of your portfolio, update you regularly concerning the composition and performance of your portfolio and will share our market analysis information with you.

Updating You in a Fully Transparent Manner

We are committed to you and meticulously provide complete transparency and information. In addition to the updates from your customer relations manager, you will receive detailed reports concerning the structure of your portfolio, the value of the assets and the transactions conducted in your account.

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