Migdal Mutual Funds

Migdal Mutual Funds, member of the Migdal Capital Markets Group, specializes in the management of mutual funds and is one of the leaders in this field in Israel.
The company offers a wide range of mutual funds that invest in various channels and sectors, both in Israel and worldwide.
Its excellence in financial innovation and creativity enable it to launch mutual funds that are adapted to suit any market condition.

The Advantages of Migdal Mutual Funds

Strong Financial Backing

The company is wholly owned by Migdal Capital Markets, member of Migdal Holdings,
the largest insurance and finance group in Israel.

A Wide Range of Mutual Funds

We currently manage approximately 200 mutual funds: MTF funds (index tracker funds) and managed funds, that invest in a huge range of investment channels.

Innovative Products

Displaying financial innovation and creativity in launching mutual funds adapted to any market condition.

Investment Management Experts

A team of highly experienced, expert investment managers in the capital market and in investments channel in various markets - both in Israel and worldwide.

Leaders in index tracker funds (MTF)

A very large offering of index tracker funds, with attractive management fees.

A System for Supervision, Enforcement and Auditing

A widespread and meticulous supervision system, that assists in risk management and in maintaining the company’s stability, while making sure it complies with the directives of the law and the regulator.

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