Migdal Mutual Funds is one of the leading mutual fund firms in Israel. The firm specializes in the management of mutual funds in a diverse range of asset classes and markets.

Migdal Mutual Funds manages a wide variety of funds, specializing in products such as branded tracking funds (MTF – Migdal Tracking Fund), financial mutual funds, shekel-denominated funds, state bond funds, general bond funds, funds for foreign residents only, strategic and leveraged funds. The management of mutual funds is carried out in accordance with their respective policies, legal regulations, the decisions of the Chief Investment Committee, professional forums and the Research Department.

Accordingly, continuous growth has been achieved in the fund market and in the development of new mutual funds. These mutual funds are managed by investment managers with in-depth expertise in equities, bonds and derivatives. A new group of computer-modeled funds was recently issued with the objective of achieving better returns with lower volatility and downside risks

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