Julien Assous

CEO Migdal Investment Banking

Julien Assous joined the Migdal Group in July 2018 and serves as the CEO of the Investment Banking arm.
Julien brings with him almost 30 years of experience in financial markets, and business development.
Prior to joining Migdal, from 2011, Julien served as the CEO of IBI Brokerage, which became Israel’s leading institutional broker under his lead.
Julien was a member of the board of Directors of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the TASE derivative clearing House as well as being Chairman of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange brokers association (2014-2018).
Julien holds a BA degree in management and political science from Tel Aviv University and MA degree in banking and capital markets from CLB.‎

Idan Deutsch

Senior Investment Banker

Mr. Idan Deutsch is a specialist investment banker working for Migdal for several years.
He is seasoned investment professional with strong background in public issuance and underwriting as well as private capital raising.
With an excellent track record Mr. Deutsch has a deep and through understanding of the financial world.
Mr. Deutsch is also a certified portfolio manager holding a B.A. in Economics and Management from the Open University (Summa cum laude).

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