Accessibility arrangements currently in place at MCM

(as of April 10, 2015)

MCM attributes great importance to providing fair, equal and accessible service to its customer public in general, and to making necessary adjustments so that its website, facilities and services are accessible to the disabled in particular.

We invest great efforts in improving accessibility for people with disabilities, working continuously to assure access to all our clients.

Following the enactment of the Regulations for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Accessibility Adjustments to a Public Place Which Is an Existing Building and Adjustments for Access to Service, we are preparing for compliance with the requirements of the regulations. As part of these preparations we launched an accessibility project, which is designed to make adjustments for accessibility in tangible aspects such as buildings, infrastructure and the environment, as well as in terms of service.

We appointed an Accessibility Officer, ADV. Gal Arditi, as head of the project. ADV. Gal Arditi can be reached at for inquiries on the subject.

Contact details for the Migdal Capital Markets accessibility supervisor

We strive to continue to improve the level of accessibility of the website, stemming our belief in equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone. If you nevertheless encounter any difficulties, please send any response, idea or proposal you may have concerning accessibility, to our Accessibility Supervisor, Adv. Gal Arditi. He may be contacted at the address below: Telephone number: 03-5194027 or via the Contact Us form.

Website Accessibility

This website has undergone meticulous accessibility adaptations, that include semantic and informative implementations for assistive technologies, navigation and operation using only the keyboard, according to the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), color adaptation, as well as the addition of assisting labels and guidance concerning forms, to assist all visitors to the website. Moreover, in order to enjoy an optimal browser experience with a screen reading software, we recommend using the most updated NVDA software.

Means of Assistance

Accessibility Key – The website contains an accessibility key that is located in the upper right corner of the site. This key offers compatibility of the website to the accessibility standards. Clicking the accessibility key opens a menu that allows for selecting various compatibility options, as required, including:

  • Increasing the size of the display – Visitors who are vision-impaired and wish to increase the size of the display on the website can increase the size of the font by using the font increase/decrease button at the upper right corner of the website.
  • The website was designed with color adaptation and contrast for visually impaired individuals. It is still possible to use the accessibility plug-in in order to modify the contrast.
  • Underline for links – It is possible to mark all of the links on the website with an underline.
  • Legible font – It is possible to modify the type of font.

The Financial Magazine page contains a glossary that can be navigated using your keyboard: Navigate using the Tab key to the different letters, press Enter to select a particular letter and to reveal all the terms beginning with that letter. The Down arrow key will take you to the first term. Navigate between the terms using the Tab key.

Operating the site using your keyboard – Visitors who have difficulty in operating a computer mouse can navigate the website using their keyboard. Repeatedly clicking the Tab key will cycle through the various links on the page. Pressing ENTER will activate the highlighted link.

Menu – Several menus have been assimilated in the site.

  • The top menu includes links to the central pages of the site.
  • Secondary menu – Entry into the subsidiary company pages (Migdal Capital Markets, Migdal Investment Portfolio Management, Migdal Mutual Funds) will lead to a secondary menu that contains all the relevant pages.
  • The bottom menu contains links to central pages.


  • The website was built using html5 tags, such as section, article and nav.
  • The website pages were written in a semantically appropriate way and undergo w3 validation.
  • The website was adapted for browsing from both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Browser support – The website was adapted for the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Explorer 10 and above, as well as for smartphones based on Apple iOS or Google Android.
  • The website was adapted for browsing using the accessibility tools built in to the Windows 7 / Windows 8 operating systems.
  • The website was also adapted for external screen readers and was tested and verified for the popular NVDA reader.
  • It is possible that the website will contain PDF files or graphs that were not made accessible. If you encounter such a document, we will be glad to assist in making it accessible.


  • To the extent possible, the contents of the website were written in a simple and coherent manner.
  • Accessibility of visual content – The visuals in the website contain alternative text and headings.
  • Links – The links include hidden text that describes the link, to the extent necessary.
  • Headers have been defined at the first, Second and third levels and so on.

Accessible Website Certificate

The website accessibility process was performed with a-2-z, a company that provides accessibility consulting services. We work regularly to render the site accessible. In the event that you find a component or page on the website that is not accessible, please contact us and we will rectify this promptly.

Accessible call center

A considerable number of people have difficulty in communicating via call centers, including the deaf and hearing impaired, speech impaired, people with comprehension problems and others. To improve our telephone service, the accessibility of the call router was improved: the information is recorded at a slow pace, in clear language and without background music. We also have alternative means in place for contacting the call center: we provide service and information by telephone, text messages, mail and email. We recommend stating that you are hearing impaired and how you would prefer us to contact you.

Technical help in filling out forms

If you need help in filling out forms in handwriting, by typing or using a touch screen, our representative will be happy to assist.


On request, disabled persons may use any service we offer to all clients with the help of their attendant or service animal.

Emergency evacuation

The company’s procedures have been adapted for emergency evacuation to ensure that people with disabilities are evacuated quickly, comfortably and while safeguarding their dignity.

Parking for visitors with disabilities

There are three designated disabled parking spaces outside the building. If they are occupied, visitors in need of disabled parking (wheelchair bound) should call the Accessibility Officer on arrival to inquire as to the possibility of using the underground parking lot (subject to availability). For assistance, please call 03-5194027.

Information on physical access arrangements

  • MCM offers clients with disabilities the possibility of receiving information from the company via accessible formats, which include Braille, enlarged print or handwriting, audio files, PDF files adapted for reading software, and simplified language on a printed page. If any other accessible format type is requested, our Customer Service Center will be sure to thoroughly review the possibility.
  • Information in accessible formats is provided free of charge at the request of disabled clients. To receive the service, please contact our Customer Service Center directly at 03-5194111 or by email at

Disclosing information in accessible formats

  • Induction loops (hearing loops) have been installed for the hearing impaired
  • Personal amplifiers for the hard of hearing have been installed in conference rooms
  • The main information / reception desk has been adapted to provide for accessibility
  • Accessible individual reception counters have been installed
  • Two accessible toilets are available
  • A ramp has been installed in the building with edge protection and handrails
  • Rails have been added by the stairs at the entrance to the building, and the stairs inside the building have been adapted for accessibility (detectable warning surfaces, contrasting warning strips, etc.)
  • Contrasting colors have been added at the main building entrance (self-activating doors). A detectable warning surface has been installed in front of the main entrance.
  • Dedicated facilities for the hearing impaired have been installed for use in conferences / events organized by the company
  • The outside ramp (at the entrance to the building) has been adapted to allow for comfortable wheelchair access
  • If you are disabled in any way and require that a service be adapted to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help

The accessibility arrangements will be kept up-to-date in MCM’s website, along with information on the progress of the accessibility project.

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