Management of Investment Portfolios for Companies, Corporations, NPOs and Associations

The management of investments for institutional clients and corporations is different in character from managing the portfolios of private clients and calls for an understanding of the business and corporate world and for providing specific treatment that is adjusted to the characteristics of the corporation, its needs, goals and requirements. In order to answer these requirements, Migdal Investment Portfolio Management has for many years been operating a dedicated desk, specializing in the management of investment portfolios for publicly-traded and privately-held companies, government-owned companies, municipal entities, kibbbutzim, NPOs, associations, provident funds, continuing education funds, insurance companies and more.

The Investment Strategy

As part of our specialization in the management of investment portfolios for companies and corporations, special effort is invested in conducting an in-depth analysis of the various aspects of the corporation’s characteristics and requirements:

The precise exposure and characterization of the future needs, investment horizon, cash flow analysis for the term of the investment and other unique limitations. All these factors are studied and taken into consideration, so as to assist the client in formulating an investment policy.

A Comprehensive Envelope of Services

The desk’s customers enjoy a comprehensive and personal envelope of services, custom tailored to the various requirements of companies and corporations. Each client enjoys the personal guidance of a professional investment portfolio manager and an experienced and licensed customer relations manager, who stand at the client’s service, including the generation of current reports in accordance with the unique requirements of the client and any specific characteristics.

The Investment Policy

The investment policy for companies and corporations is based on an in-depth analysis of companies and bonds, based on the recommendations of the Group’s Research Department, while preserving a high level of liquidity and in perfect alignment with the needs of the client.

The Most Advanced Supervision and Regulation Systems in the Capital Market

The company is committed to the highest possible standards of supervision. The company operations are audited by internal compliance and enforcement elements and are supported by advanced systems for supervision, regulation and risk management

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