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The management of investment portfolios for private clients is offered to any individual possessing liquid balances of at least NIS 500,000. The investment portfolio is constructed in a manner that is custom tailored to the client’s needs, while taking into consideration his personal characteristics, financial objectives and the investment horizon.

Investment Expertise and Personalization

The clients of Migdal Investment Portfolio Management enjoy the in-depth know-how of the company’s capital market experts and their vast experience in the management of private investment portfolios and in providing an accurate and appropriate response to personal and unique requirements. Each and every one of the Migdal Investment Portfolio Management clients enjoys personal service and guidance from a customer relations manager. The management of the personal investment portfolio brings to light our business philosophy, which imparts special significance to the terms of responsibility and judgment. The management of the portfolio on a sensible and well-balanced approach to risk management, that has proven itself well over time.

Close and Attentive Personal Guidance

We meticulously provide close and attentive personal guidance at any given moment. The clients of Migdal Investment Portfolio Management enjoy the personal attention and guidance from the customer relations manager who holds a portfolio management license from the Securities Authority, who is attentive to every request and makes sure to send them constant information concerning the status and performance of the investment portfolio, while providing relevant market information and analyses.

Managing the Investment Portfolio in the Bank Account While Enjoying Benefits

The investment portfolios are managed in a fully transparent manner from the client’s own bank account. Migdal Investment Portfolio Management enjoys agreements with all commercial banks, enabling clients to enjoy the possibility of receiving a considerable discount on commissions from the bank where the account is managed, for the transactions conducted in the account, both in Israel and overseas.

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