Strong Financial Backing

Migdal Mutual Funds, member of Migdal Capital Markets, is wholly owned by Migdal Holdings.
The Migdal Mutual Funds clients enjoy the solidity of one of the largest and leading insurance and finance groups in Israel, the highest possible professional standards in investment management and a philosophy that advocates responsibility towards the investors.

A Wide Range of Mutual Funds

Migdal Mutual Funds is proud to be able to offer a very wide range of mutual funds, suitable for any market condition, while investing in a broad diversity of investment channels.
The company currently manages approximately 200 managed funds and index tracker funds (MTF).

Professional and Responsible Investment Management

Migdal Mutual Funds employs a professional team of expert investment managers, experienced in the capital market and in the various investment channels in global markets, possessing a record of long-term successes.

Leaders in index tracker funds (MTF)

Migdal Mutual Funds is a leader in the index tracker fund sector, in terms of both the volume of assets under management and the number of funds it offers. The company intends to continue to lead this sector, while constantly breaking new ground. Through a dedicated desk specializing in index management, the company actively manages over 70 index tracker funds that track a wide range of stock indexes and bond indexes, in Israel and worldwide. The company invests considerable effort and resources in closely monitoring, and in creating a wide range of innovative products, to meet investor demand, in accordance with changing market requirements.

Financial Creativity and Innovative Products

Migdal Mutual Funds places a special emphasis on creative financial thinking and on the development of innovative products, to provide investors with diversified investment options, for any situation. Our creativity and innovation are expressed in the launching of new mutual funds, that are adapted to any market situation.

Systems for Risk Management and Control, Compliance, Enforcement and Internal Auditing

Migdal Mutual Funds operates an independent control system, through the Risk Management and Control Department as well as the Enforcement and Compliance Department, who report regularly to the company’s CEO, the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

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