Merger and Acquisition Consulting

Migdal Investment Banking specializes in inter-company mergers, including reverse mergers and mergers into publicly traded shell companies. We operate in accordance with Buy Side and Sell Side mandates.

Locating Potential Investors

The wide network of both private and institutional investors that we have at our disposal, constitutes a solid basis for our operations and provides our clients with security and unique opportunities.

Managing Private Investments for Public Entity (PIPE)

Migdal Investment Banking can assist in diversifying the mix of investors at a publicly traded company and conducts private placements. Our team of specialists manages and accompanies the transaction from its inception through to completion.

Private Financing from Institutional Entities

We are proud to act as a central link between hundreds of companies in the economy and the institutional entities, with whom we enjoy long-standing relationships.
Our familiarity with the investment preferences of a wide range of investors enables us to match the right transaction with the appropriate investor.

Managing Public Offerings and Raising of Capital

As part of the raising of capital, we conduct road shows in Israel and worldwide, in collaboration with leading investment banks.

Designing and Issuing Financial Products

Our vast experience enables us to create, and consult in the creation of, financial products, that enjoy considerable demand among both institutional and private entities.

Fund Recruiting

Migdal Investment Banking possesses a long list of proven accomplishments in recruiting for primary funds and follow-on funds, on behalf of various entities in the Israeli industrial sector

Distribution of Securities

We provide distribution services in a wide range of offerings in Israel and worldwide and accompany the company from the initial planning stages and throughout all the stages of the offering.

Tender Offers

Our being meticulously involved and up-to-date, our in-depth familiarity with the capital market and the Israeli economy and our vast relationships – all serve to provide us with a significant advantage in identifying opportunities of tender offers for various companies in the economy and in accompanying the tender offer process through to the final acquisition.

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