All the Reasons for Selecting Migdal Investment Portfolio Management

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management, a member of Migdal Capital Markets, is one of the leading Israeli companies in the management of investment portfolios. With broad support and the financial stability of Migdal Holdings, the leading insurance and finance group Israel, and with a leading professional team of the very best and most experienced research and investment managers in the country, we provide investment management services to high-net-worth individuals, institutional entities, leading businesses, municipalities, regional councils and public institutions. In order to provide our clients with professional and responsible management of their capital and in order to provide them with high quality and creative solutions that comply with their requirements, replace at their disposal the group’s cumulative know-how and professionalism in the investment sector and we meticulously strive to remain up to date at all times, while being quick to respond, fully transparent and offering attentive personal service.

Investment Professionals

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management is proud to offer its clients the leading investment team in Israel. Veteran and highly experienced professionals, possessing comprehensive and up-to-date know-how in both the domestic and global capital markets, excelling in financial innovation and creativity, so as to offer a solution to the unique requirements of each client.

With the aim of maximizing value for our clients, the independent investment Department of Migdal Investment Portfolio Management operates in collaboration with the Research Department and other departments at Migdal Capital Markets, while maintaining mutually fruitful relations and sharing the know-how and experience accumulated by the Group.

Experts in Overseas Investments

The Overseas Desk of Migdal Investment Portfolio Management is considered to be a leader in its field and provides a comprehensive range of investment management services in leading overseas stock exchanges and markets, across all major currencies. The actual management of the portfolio is conducted in the client’s own bank account, either in Israel or overseas.

Full Transparency

Each investment portfolio is managed within the client’s own bank account, in a fully transparent manner and in accordance with the investment policy that was customized to the needs and directives of the client. Constant updates concerning the composition of the portfolio, the performance and various market analyses, enable each client to closely monitor the management of the portfolio.


Each and every investment portfolio that we manage undergoes a meticulous characterization process of the client’s needs and preferences, from various aspects: Age, investment range, total assets and additional investments. Each portfolio is personally customized and is unique in its structure and composition so as to comply with the investment character that was defined on the basis of the personal characterization process. The portfolio can subsequently be modified and adjusted over time, following client requests, or due to changes in market conditions or personal circumstances.

Personal Service

Listening to the clients and providing a response to their requirements serve as the foundation stones of proper and professional investment management. We strictly adhere to close and attentive personal guidance at any given moment, through our personal customer relations managers, who all possess portfolio management licenses, so as to provide each client with guidance and regular updates concerning the composition and performance of the managed portfolio, alongside relevant market analyses.

Risk Diversification and Supervision

We implement a responsible investment management policy and meticulously apply a balanced and sensible approach to investment management across various risk levels, investment channels, securities and financial assets in Israel and worldwide – while taking into consideration the client’s needs and directives. Our Supervision and Control Department enables us to track the structure of the portfolio in real time and its suitability to the capital market conditions, while conducting any necessary adjustments. Moreover, the company operations are regularly overseen by enforcement, supervision, risk management and internal auditing elements, as well as by the Securities Authority.

Opportunity to Enjoy Significant Benefits in Terms of Commissions

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management possesses agreements with all banks, allowing for the investment portfolios to be managed within the client’s own account at the bank. The company’s clients enjoy significant benefits in terms of the commissions paid to the bank where their account is managed, pertaining to any transactions conducted in Israel or overseas.

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