Investment Banking Services

Migdal Investment Banking operates as the investment banking arm of the Migdal Capital Markets Group.
The company specializes in assuming a leadership role in the raising of capital and debt from both institutional and private investors, corporate consulting in merger and acquisition processes and in public offerings, in leading stock markets around the world

All the Reasons for Selecting Migdal Investment Banking

Financial Robustness

The investment banking arm, that was established in 1985, is owned by Migdal Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Migdal Holdings, the largest and leading insurance and finance group in Israel, enjoying all the advantages of its size and stability.

A Professional Team of Specialists

The investment banking sector is led by a team of specialists, possessing in depth know-how and vast, proven experience in this area, having conducted hundreds of transactions, including some of the largest ever made in the Israeli market.

Proven Success! The Best Investment Bank in Israel in 2015!

Migdal Investment Banking has completed a large number of transactions, totaling billions of dollars and was rated by financial magazine Global Finance as the best investment bank in Israel in 2015.

A Broad Network of Relationships in Israel and Worldwide

Being part of the Migdal Group and as a leader in the sector, Migdal Investment Banking is actively involved in the capital market and enjoys numerous long-lasting relationships in the various market sectors, in Israel and worldwide.

Financial Creativity

Our finger on the pulse of the Israeli economy, our familiarity with the market and its changing conditions, our deep-rooted understanding of the needs of society and our sharp and creative financial thinking, all enable us to excel in financial planning that is intelligent, flexible and always relevant.

With You for the Long Run

Migdal Investment Banking accompanies corporate clients starting with the preliminary stages of raising capital, through to the IPO, and is able to provide a financial solution for each and every stage in the development of the company (VC, Growth, Special Situations).

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