Doing business ethically

Since its establishment in 1965 MCM has pursued its vision and directed its business while maintaining strict standards of responsibility, professionalism and innovation in light of its many decades’ long, ongoing commitment to providing its clients with security and value.

MCM has always considered ethical conduct an inseparable part of its identity and strength, and makes every effort to demonstrate this in our relationships with stakeholders, the community and the environment.

Our values


MCM is a stable, robust company in the Israeli capital market, which works to ensure its continuity as a dependable, trustworthy service provider to its clients and all its stakeholders, in the long term.

Leadership, growth and innovation

MCM is determined to continue to lead the Israeli capital market through growth and innovation across all its business areas.

Fairness and maintaining the dignity of the profession

MCM acts with integrity and fairness in all areas of its business operations and establishes trustworthy, honest relationships with all its stakeholders. MCM attributes great importance to loyalty, integrity and professionalism.


MCM recognizes the value of transparency and works to achieve a proper balance between the simple, clear and coherent communication of information and the complex nature of its business.


MCM accords paramount importance to credible, trustworthy and judicious business practices, based on the highest of professional standards and the assumption of personal and organizational accountability.

Knowledge and professionalism

MCM recognizes the importance of being a learning organization and works incessantly to better and deepen its employees’ knowledge and expertise. In conducting its business, MCM applies the optimal knowledge and experience available in its areas of activity.

Service orientation

MCM strives to provide its clients with service that is efficient and pleasant.

Respect and caring

MCM and its employees treat all people with sensitivity and respect during routine operations and in times of crisis.


MCM’s employees and managers understand the importance of teamwork, of helping each other and of cooperation for the benefit of accomplishing the Group’s assignments, and make sure to act accordingly.

Community and environmental responsibility

As a capital market leader, MCM is committed to looking to the future and to protecting the interests of future generations in the social and environmental context.

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