The investment portfolios at Migdal Investment Portfolio Management are managed by the very best leading professionals in the field, so as to ensure that the portfolio is managed professionally and responsibly.

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management offers its clients a wide range of products, investment channels and unique financial solutions, for the purpose of creating and managing an investment portfolio that is custom tailored to the client’s needs and characteristics.
The composition of the securities that will be invested in each of the portfolio’s investment channels is determined by a Central Investment Committee, subject to the client’s requirements and investment objectives.

Shekel-Denominated Investment Portfolios -

Mixed Portfolios

A track that combines direct investment in securities, alongside an investment in mutual funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Provides exposure to arrange of investment channels in Israel and overseas, in line with the client’s requirements.

Allows for a selective combination between shares and bonds, in accordance with the recommendations of the Research Department and the decisions of the Investment Committee.

Mutual Fund Portfolio

  • An investment track managed using mutual funds, so as to create diversification to wide range of securities in Israel and worldwide, in accordance to the client’s requirements and investment objectives.
  • Allows for savings in transaction fees.
  • May potentially enable postponing withholding tax (1).

Index Portfolio

An investment track managed through index tracker funds (MTF) and index products, including exchange traded funds (ETFs):

Offers exposure to various indexes in Israel and worldwide, while providing geographic and sectorial diversification.

Can potentially allow for savings and investment costs, as a result of a reinvestment mechanism of the coupons and dividends.

Corporate Bond Portfolio

The portfolio is composed of various corporate bonds analyzed by the research departments and selected as suitable for the portfolio’s profile, and that the company estimates may provide a surplus return over time, as compared with government bonds (2).

(Managing an Investment Portfolio Using an Individual Retirement Account (IRA

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management manages the client’s investments through an individual retirement account (IRA) of the client’s choosing, allowing to enjoy the benefits of investing in a mutual fund on the one hand, while being managed by a personal investment manager, on the other hand

Global Investment Portfolios in Foreign Currency

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolio

Offers exposure to a range of companies and leading industries worldwide through exchange traded funds, while diversifying the investment across a large number of securities included in the indexes.

The selection of the exchange traded funds is made subsequent to conducting analyses and estimates in collaboration with the research departments of leading financial entities worldwide.

Changes in the composition of the funds are made regularly by the portfolio manager, in accordance with changing market conditions and subject to the investment policy.

Overseas Investment Portfolios in Foreign Currency

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management specializes in the management of overseas investments for institutional entities, companies and private investors.

Our investment managers meticulously select the composition of the portfolio and its diversification between different markets and sectors and specific assets.

The account can be managed in an overseas or a local bank account, as the customer chooses.

The aforementioned should not be considered a proposal or consulting for the purchase and/or sale and/or holding of securities and/or financial assets, including mutual funds, and should not replace consulting that would take into consideration the special particulars and requirements of any individual. (1) The aforementioned should not constitute a replacement for professional tax consulting that would take into consideration the special particulars and requirements of the client. For tax considerations, a certified CPA or tax consultant should be consulted with. (2) The aforementioned does not constitute an undertaking to attain any return, including a surplus return.

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