Migdal Investment Portfolio Management places at your disposal a team of the best and most experienced investment managers in the sector, all possessing portfolio management licenses from the Securities Authority.

Our investment managers are famous for their in-depth know-how and comprehensive experience in the capital market, as well as for their financial innovation and creativity – factors that will render it possible to provide an answer for your unique requirements and personal preferences.

In the bank account where the client has chosen to manage his funds, be it a local bank or international bank.

The investment policy is determined in accordance with a requirement characterization process that is performed with the client, and which the client can update as needed during the ongoing management of the portfolio. The investment policy is also re-examined with the client at regular intervals, as prescribed by the regulations. The personalization of the structure of the investment portfolio according to the customer demands and different requirements is based on a meticulous examination of various relevant aspects, including: Client characteristics, assets, objectives, risk level, investment horizon and the desired investment channels.

The main differences concern the ongoing control of Migdal Investment Portfolio Management over the portfolio and the ability to react in real time so as to maximize the earnings of the portfolio. Migdal Investment Portfolio Management, through the investment managers be employee, is empowered on your behalf, to manage the investments in your account as part of a power of attorney, according to the investment policy and the risk level you defined. In this manner, we can constantly monitor market developments and respond accordingly – in a flexible manner and in real time – thereby bringing to bear the professional expertise of the portfolio manager who manages your investments. The investment consultant at the bank, on the other hand, must confirm every transaction with the client and is not engaged in the regular monitoring of the portfolio. It should be emphasized, that the power of attorney that is granted to us does not enable to withdraw any funds or assets from the account. These actions can only be performed by you, in the same manner as when receiving investment consulting from the bank.

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management strictly adheres to a policy of full transparency, access to information and maximum comfort.

As a client, you can obtain complete information concerning your investment portfolio using a range of channels:

Through your personal customer account manager

You can view the status of your investment portfolio by entering your bank account

Through periodical reports sent to the client from the bank and under its responsibility, as well as from Migdal Investment Portfolio Management

Through the Contact Us form on our website

Through the Migdal Investment Portfolio Management customer service center

The capital market offers  numerous and diverse investment options with a wide range of risk levels. The proper and professional management of an investment portfolio calls for time, know-how and experience. A portfolio that is managed at an investment house, by a certified professional, possessing experience and an in-depth familiarity with the capital market and the ability to keep his finger on the pulse at all times, is the optimal solution for anyone not possessing the time or necessary expertise. Just as in other areas it is customary to be assisted by a certified professional in order to obtain the best results, the same applies to the complex matter of the capital market – and especially so when it concerns your own money.

The process of opening an account at Migdal Investment Portfolio Management consists of the following stages:

Signing an agreement for portfolio management at Migdal Investment Portfolio Management; personal introductory meeting between a licensed investment portfolio manager and the client for understanding the client’s needs and investment objectives for determining the most appropriate investment policy and risk level; introductory personal meeting with the customer relations manager who will remain in contact with the client and provide updates in the future.

Providing a power of attorney to Migdal Investment Portfolio Management, to conduct securities and financial assets transactions within the client’s own bank account. The client can obviously select the bank account in which the investments will be managed.

Transfer of cash or securities to the managed bank account.

Initial management of the portfolio, in line with the decisions of the Central Investment Committee, according to the investment policy and risk level determined for the account.

Migdal Investment Portfolio Management offers a wide range of unique financial products and solutions for creating and managing an investment portfolio that is compatible with the customer’s requirements, in accordance with his investment policy and risk level.

The minimal sum for opening an investment portfolio at Migdal Investment Portfolio Management, currently amounts to NIS 500 thousand.

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