Experts in the Management of Overseas Investment Portfolios

The management of overseas investment portfolios is a complex professional challenge, that is handled by the most experienced investment managers. The Overseas Desk at Migdal Investment Portfolio Management is proud to be composed of an outstanding team of highly experienced investment managers, possessing a deep understanding of global markets.

The investment decisions are also supported by the Research Department, that is well-versed in conducting macroeconomic analyses of various markets, along with micro-analyses of companies and sectors. Furthermore, Migdal Capital Markets maintains close relations with various financial entities who share their own research and analysis concerning the shares of specific companies in which they specialize.

The Management of Overseas Investment Portfolios offers various investment options:

•       A combination of advanced investment products through selected indexes and sectors

•       Personalized and precise adaptation of the investment portfolio to the specific assets and liabilities of each and every client

•       Adjustment of the foreign currency holdings in accordance with the client’s needs, without requiring conversion into NIS

•       Selective assortment of specific securities and financial assets in accordance with the recommendations of our Research Department, as well as the various research departments of leading financial entities worldwide, with whom we maintain close and fruitful collaboration.

Opening Accounts at International Banks

Numerous international banks currently maintain representations in Israel.

Any client interested in opening an investment portfolio that will be managed overseas by Migdal Investment Portfolio Management, is invited to contact us in order for us to coordinate a meeting with the bank representative, who will arrive at the client’s offices in order to initiate the opening of the bank account at the selected bank.

The accounts will be managed within the client’s bank account overseas, in accordance with the clients selection, while Migdal Investment Portfolio Management will possess a power of attorney for conducting purchase and sale transactions of securities and financial assets in the bank account.

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